Sunday, 2 February 2020

Weekly Spot Outlook Of Bank Nifty For 03rd to 07th Feb

In the previous week : 

Bank Nifty went down by 1489 points before finally ending the week with a loss of 1421 points compared to its last weekly closing. 

Bank Nifty had made a life time high of 32613.10 on 30th December and has since then been trading sideways to negative since then 

Bank Nifty for this week :

  • Sustaining above 30060 enter for 30205 - 30325 - 30445 

  • Further sustaining above 30610 enter for 30715 - 31065 - 31450 

  • Sustaining below 29580 enter for 29435 - 29320 - 29200

  • Further sustaining below 29030 enter for 28930 - 28580 - 28195

How to use these levels 
  • Enter on sustaining above/below the initial levels mentioned and look to book partly/fully once it completes its initial 3 targets . Re-enter if price further sustains or closes above / below the next levels mentioned for the next targets . 

For this month :
  • Bank Nifty longs will get confirmed with a consecutive close above 31320 for a initial target of 31840 - 31970 and sustaining / closing above 31970 we can see a further move till 32415 - 32900 .  

  • Bank Nifty shorts will get confirmed with a consecutive close below 30345 for  a initial target of 29830 - 29700 and sustaining / closing below 29700 we can see a further move till 29255 - 28765.

Bank Nifty triggered our shorts and completed our initial targets with a low of 29753. Now we can see a further correction on sustaining/closing below 29700 towards 29255 -28765. Holding above 29700 we can see a pullback towards 30345 - 30535.

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